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EndTimeEventVenue Organiser RulesEntry FormDraw SheetResultsPhotosLast Year
  01/01/2017     Diamond Knockout                
  01/01/2017     Inter-Club League                
  01/01/2017     Order Of Merit                
  01/01/2017     Scratch League                
  01/01/2017     Carrick Cup                
  01/01/2017     Gillieson Cup                
  01/01/2017     Young Cup                
        Best Golfer                
  16/01/2017   10:00 Competitions Sub-committee Barnham Broom Sue Hill            
  22/01/2017     County Teams - Pilates & Play Bawburgh Sam Martin / Carol Delf            
  23/01/2017   09.30 EXECUTIVE Committee meeting Barnham Broom              
  24/02/2017   10:00 Delegates meeting Royal Norwich Helen McAllister            
  26/02/2017     County Teams - Pilates & Play Bawburgh Sam Martin / Carol Delf            
  05/03/2017     County I Training  Dunston Hall Oliver Barnes            
  06/03/2017 07/03/2017   EG Secretaries meeting  Woodhall Spa Margaret Watson            
  17/03/2017   09.30 EXECUTIVE Committee meeting Barnham Broom              
  19/03/2017     Squad Training Day Eaton Tracey Williamson            
  26/03/2017     Junior Training Bawburgh Carol Delf            
  27/03/2017     Junior Committee Meeting Royal Norwich Judy Williams            
  03/04/2017     Past Captains Spring Meeting Swaffham Lesley Allen            
  03/04/2017     Norfolk Schools Championship Eaton Margo Horsburgh            
  07/04/2017     Junior Spring Meeting Great Yarmouth & Caister Judy Williams            
  10/04/2017     EXECUTIVE Committee Meeting Barnham Broom              
  12/04/2017     EG AGM/General meeting/County Conference Woodhall Spa Helen McAllister            
  15/04/2017      County I v Senior Men Great Yarmouth & Caister Sam Martin            
  20/04/2017     East Region Foursomes South Beds Bedfordshire            
  21/04/2017     NVLGS Spring Meeting Middleton Hall NVLGS            
  30/04/2017     County I v Hunstanton Hunstanton Sam Martin            
  04/05/2017     County AmAm Barnham Broom Tracey Williamson            
  05/05/2017     EXECUTIVE Committee meeting Barnham Broom Margaret Watson            
  12/05/2017 14/05/2017   County Championship Royal Cromer Margaret Watson            
  13/05/2017     East Region Medal Final  Rookery Park England Golf            
  16/05/2017 19/05/2017   English Seniors Womens Open South Staffs England Golf            
  21/05/2017     Gillieson Round 1   Margaret Fisher            
  02/06/2017     English Schools SE Champs West Essex ESGA            
  04/06/2017     County II v Eaton & Royal Norwich Royal Norwich Julie Carpenter            
  09/06/2017     Division 2  Kings Lynn Chris Watson            
  15/06/2017     NVLGS Championship Royal Norwich NVLGS            
  19/06/2017 23/06/2017   East Region County Week Hunstanton Sam Martin            
  20/06/2017 22/06/2017   English Senior Womens Strokeplay Harpenden England Golf            
  25/06/2017 26/06/2017   English Schools National Championship   ESGA            
  29/06/2017     Seniors Championship Great Yarmouth & Caister Annie Langstaff            
  02/07/2017     Gillieson Rd 2   Margaret Fisher            
  06/07/2017     Division 3 Bawburgh Barbara Stevenson            
  06/07/2017 06/08/22017   English Womens Open Matchplay  Royal Mid Surrey England Golf            
  09/07/2017   11:00 Girls County Championship Bawburgh Shelagh Rump            
  10/07/2017   10:00 Delegates meeting Royal Norwich Helen McAllister            
  10/07/2017     East Region Seniors Championship The Bedford Bedfordshire            
  17/07/2017     Division 4 Feltwell Mary Tuddenham            
  18/07/2017 20/07/2017   English Womens Amateur Championship Lindrick England Golf            
  21/07/2017     EXECUTIVE Committee Meeting Barnham Broom Margaret Watson            
  20/07/2017 23/07/2017   THE OPEN Royal Birkdale              
  23/07/2017 24/07/2017   English Schools U16 National Championships Walsall Margo Horsburgh            
  24/07/2017     County II v Essex Canon Brooke Harlow Julie Carpenter            
  31/07/2017     Regional Australian Spoons Stock Brook Manor Essex            
  01/08/2017 03/08/2017   English Girls Championship Littlestone England Golf            
  02/08/2017     Fowler Trophy  (Junior & Adult) Thetford Sam Martin            
  03/08/2017 06/08/2017   Womens British Open Kings Barns              
  03/08/2017     County II v Cambs & Hunts Thetford Julie Carpenter            
  04/08/2017     Seniors v Herts Kings Lynn Nicky Wylie            
  06/08/2017     Gillieson Round 3   Margaret Fisher            
  07/08/2017     Abraham Trophy Final Blackmoor England Golf            
  08/08/2017     English Girls U14/U16 Championship Blackmoor England Golf            
  09/08/2017     Girls Home Internationals Little Aston England Golf            
  14/08/2017   09.30 Executive Committee Meeting Barnham Broom  Margaret Watson            
  14/08/2017 16/08/2017   Junior County Match week Colne Valley Essex            
  14/08/2017 18/08/2017   England Golf Week inc County Presidents Team event Woodhall Spa England Golf            
  22/08/2017 24/08/2017   English Womens Open Strokeplay Woodhall Spa England Golf            
  23/08/2017     England Golf General meeting Woodhall Spa Helen McAllister            
  25/08/2017     County II FINALS DAY Brampton, Cambs & Hunts Julie Carpenter            
  24/08/2017      East Region Girls Championship Hadley Wood, Herts Julie Carpenter            
  04/09/2017   10:00 NLCGA Fixtures meeting Barnham Broom Sue Hill            
  10/09/2017     Gillieson semi-final   Margaret Fisher            
  11/09/2017   11.00 Seniors v Cambs & Hunts Thetford Nicky Wylie            
  14/09/2017     County Foursomes Swaffham Jan Knowler            
  14/09/2017     East Region Ladies Championship Gog Magog, Cambs & Hunts              
  15/09/2017   09.30 EXECUTIVE Committee Meeting Barnham Broom              
  16/09/2017     EG Women & Girls Champion of Champions Woodhall Spa England Golf            
  17/09/2017     County Medal & Brister Salver Sheringham Chris Watson            
  18/09/2017 22/09/2017   English Womens COUNTY FINALS Felixstowe Ferry England Golf            
  21/09/2017     NVLGS AMAM Heacham Manor Pippa Holliday             
  24/09/2017     Young Cup Final TBA Karen Young            
  26/09/2017     County Waltz Costessey Park Sue Hill             
  01/10/2017     Carrick Cup Final   Angie Denholm            
  02/10/2017     Past Capts Autumn meeting  Costessey Park Past Captains Society            
  08/10/2017     Gillieson Cup Final   Margaret Fisher            
  09/10/2017     Junior Committee Meeting Royal Norwich Judy Williams            
  13/10/2017   10:00 Competitions sub-committee meeting Barnham Broom Sue Hill            
  13/10/2017   10:00 Seniors v Suffolk Halesworth, Suffolk Nicky Wylie            
  16/10/2017   09.30 EXECUTIVE Committee meeting Barnham Broom Margaret Watson            
  18/10/2017     NVLGS Autumn comp & AGM   NVLGS            
  27/10/2017     Girls Autumn Meeting Royal Cromer Judy Williams            
  20/11/2017   10:00 NLCGA AGM Wensum Valley Margaret Watson            
  24/11/2017     EXECUTIVE Committee meeting Barnham Broom Margo Horsburgh            
  03/12/2017     NLCGA Junior Santa Special Royal Norwich Carol Delf            

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