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Committees & Contacts

Jo Ashmore - President
 President: Jo Ashmore
  email Jo
  Sammy Martin
 Captain: Sammy Martin
 email Sam
  Helen McAllister
 Chairman:  Helen McAllister
 email Helen
 Executive Committee 2016: please click on the names to email
Executive Committee
 Mrs Jo Ashmore
01328 878594
County Captain
 Miss Sammy Martin 
01603 731037
Immediate Past Captain  Mrs Tracey Williamson 01603 755290 
County II Captain
 Mrs Julie Carpenter 07792 109 171
Honorary Secretary
 Mrs Margaret Watson  01328 701982
Honorary Treasurer
 Mrs Helen Ayres
 01359 252008
County Junior Organiser/ Chairman of Junior Committee
 Miss Carol Delf
01692 670242
Chairman of the Competitions Committee
 Ms Sue Hill 01508 480730
England Golf - East Region Delegate
 Mrs Helen McAllister
01603 897160

Handicap Advisor
Scratch Score Assessor

 Mrs Sue Allen
 Mrs Nickie Clarke
01493 330752
01603 507209 
 Assistant Secretary  Mrs Margo Horsburgh 01359 221281
Elected Committee Member

 Mrs Jane Bizley                   

 01362 693153          

Elected Committee Member  Mrs Lesley Bingle  01362 694848        
Elected Committee Member  Ms Sue Hill  01508 480730     
 Co-opted Committee Member  Mrs Liz Dann 07850 049777
Posts held by members of the Executive:
Chairman of the Executive Committee
 Mrs Helen McAllister
01603 897160
County Training Officer
 Miss Sammy Martin 01603 731037
County Officials
Senior Organiser

Mrs Nicky Wylie

07758 462477




 Sub Committees: please click on the chair names to email
Committee Chair Members
Competitions Ms Sue Hill

 Executive member in the Chair
 Hon Secretary                       

 Hon. Treasurer

 All Competition Organisers

Training and Teams  Miss Sammy Martin 

 County Captain/Training Officer
 Vice Capt and/or Immediate Past Captain
 2nd Team Captain
 County Junior Organiser

Senior's Team Organiser

Selected member

Club Delegates
Mrs Helen McAllister

 England Golf Voting member (Chair)
 Hon Secretary
 Handicap Advisor

 Chairman of the Executive Committee  Chairman of Competitions

 The Club/County Delegate from 
 each affiliated club 

Juniors Miss Carol Delf
 Junior Organiser in the chair
 Academy Session Organisers
 Executive Committee member  
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Other Contacts
England Golf County Golf Development Officer  Mrs Karen Woodrow  
Welfare Officer Ian Grange  
 Competition Organisers 2016
County Championship
Mrs Margaret Watson
 01328 701982
Division 2
Mrs Chris Watson 01692 403989
Division 3
Mrs Barbara Stevenson 01842 810728 
Division 4
Mary Tuddenham 
01953 606191
County Foursomes
Mrs Jan Knowler
 01603 259208
County Medal
Mrs Chris Watson
01692 403989
Carrick Cup
Mrs Angie Denholm
 01603 712924
Gillieson Cup
Miss Margaret Fisher
 01603 501181
Scratch League
Miss Beryl Nash 
01263 726005 
Leagues 1-6
Ms Sue Hill 
01508 480730
Brister Salver
2nd Team Captain
Julie Carpenter
 01603 502965
Senior Championship
Mrs Annie Langstaff 
01362 693704 
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 Committee Dates 2016
Committee Dates Venue and Time
Mon 23 January 9.30am Barnham Broom Golf Club
Fri 17 March 9.30am
Mon 10 April 9.30am
Fri 5 May 9.30
Fri 21 Jul 9.30am
Mon 14 August 3pm
Fri 9 Sep 9.30am
Mon 16 Oct 9.30am
Mon January 11
Barnham Broom Golf Club 10am
Fri 7 Oct
Delegates Meetings Fri 24 February
Royal Norwich 10am
Mon 10 July
Royal Norwich 10am
League Meeting
Mon September 4
Barnham Broom Golf Club 10am
Annual General Meeting Mon November 20
Wensum Valley Golf Club 10am

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